The Affordable Food Stoke Team


CEO and Founder

Nikki is the one with vision desire and passion to reduce food waste and feed families here in Stoke-on-Trent. Coming herself from humble beginnings, Nikki wanted to make a difference and by founding Affordable Food Stoke she saw an opportunity to do just that! The public face of all we do and the foundation of all the good things Affordable Food Stoke has achieved! 


Co-founder COO and I.T Department

Duane the one often hiding away in the background, sat on a computer writing emails and creating his Photoshop masterpieces! Duane is very definitely the joker of the team, a little silly but just as passionate to support the good people of our City through Affordable Food Stoke. 


Lead Volunteer

Anybody that knows anything about charities knows that without the support of volunteers there is no Charity, and we are no exception! Karen is not only our main volunteer but also a trustee and is literally worth her weight in gold! Karen is the one you will see down at No.87, and we are lucky to have her and someone that shares our passion to reduce food waste!

Our AMAZING team at Affordable Food Stoke

We are very fortunate to do what we do, and we are very fortunate and honoured to support the residents of our great City.

All that being said, without our volunteers we couldn’t do what we do, they are the heatbeat of Affordable Food Stoke, and we are lucky to have them!